About Us

Who we are

Al-Qaissi Roastery is a series of roasteries under the management of Hisham Al-Qaissi and Sons Company founded in 1981. We specialize in roasting and providing the finest qualities of nuts, coffee, spices, and more. Al-Qaissi Roastery’s main branch is in Al Wehdat, with three other branches spread around Amman, Jordan.

Hisham Al-Qaissi & Sons L.L.C

have started from the holy land

What we do

On top of providing exceptional coffee roasted daily, we serve fresh nuts of all kinds with various mixes, seeds, Western and Eastern types of candy, aromatic mixed spices, and fine chocolate. As well as our special variety of handmade thyme “Za’tar Al-Qaissi”.
We insure customer satisfaction by roasting our products using modern tools at the hands of our skilled staff, and by importing the best kinds of materials from the best producing countries. Thus, only delivering the highest quality of products at reasonable prices for our customers.

Our mission

To display competency and responsibility in every aspect of our work, and to be known for premium-level products and service. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability, enough to be promoted by the customers themselves.

Our vision

To be an example of creativity, quality, and sincerity among other roasteries regionally and internationally. Additionally, we plan to broaden the reach of our services and satisfy more customers by spreading further across the region.