Board of Directors

Hisham Fehmi Al-Qaissi

Founder of Hisham Al-Qaissi and Sons Company

Hisham Fehmi Al-Qaissi was born in 1952 in Jerusalem; he showed interest in aviation since youth and worked as a flight engineer at Queen Alia International Airport for 7 years. He also obtained an aviation license from the USA.

It all started when Al-Qaissi wanted to establish his own business, as he then started to build the foundations necessary to begin what would later become a very successful career.

Hisham Al-Qaissi founded his company in 1980 for a series of roasteries called “Al-Qaissi Roastery” in Amman, and he opened the first branch of Al-Qaissi Roastery in Al Wehdat that same year. From the beginning, Al-Qaissi made sure to sell premium nuts, coffee, dates, and chocolates.

After that, He moved on to open more branches of Al-Qaissi Roastery in different areas in Jordan. He opened the second branch in Jabal Al-Hussein in 2001, which was followed by the opening of Al-Muqabilain branch and Khalda branch. Then, it did not take long for Al-Qaissi Roastery to stand out in the local Jordanian market.