1What are the products available at Al-Qaissi Roastery?
Look through a full list of Al-Qaissi Roastery’s products and items by visiting the website or by downloading Al-Qaissi Roastery’s application.
2Does Al-Qaissi Roastery have branches? Where are they located?
Al-Qaissi Roastery has four branches:
1- Al Wehdat Branch (Main Branch) - Prince Hasan Street. Tel: +962 06 4779109
2- Al-Hussein Branch - Galilee Street. Tel: +962 06 5668413
3- Al-Muqabaleen Branch - Dome of the Rock. Tel: +962 06 4205763
4- Khalda Branch - Wasfi Al-Tal Street. Tel: +962 06 5538840
3Where can I find the price of each product?
Find all prices by clicking on the product’s icon in the list on the website or application.
4Are the prices on the website/application inclusive of the sales tax?
Yes, all prices in the list are sales tax inclusive.
5Does Al-Qaissi Roastery offer discounts and offers?
Of course, stay up to date with all our discounts and offers by downloading Al-Qaissi Roastery’s application, or by following Al-Qaissi Roastery’s social media accounts.
6Does Al-Qaissi offer a delivery service? Is there a delivery fee?
Yes, delivery service is available for all products. The delivery fee differs according to destination; it reaches 3JDs on average for areas inside Amman, and 5JDs on average for areas outside Amman in nearby governorates (like Az-Zarqa, Al-Salt, Madaba, Jarash, and Karak).
7How long does the delivery take?
Normally, delivery orders arrive after 24 hours maximum for areas inside Amman, or after 48 hours maximum for areas outside Amman.
8How can I cancel an order?
To cancel your order, please call our customer service: +962 7 9670 3005
9Does Al-Qaissi have a return policy?
Yes, returns are allowed on the condition of the product having a production error.
10After returns, do I get a refund?
Yes, you will get a full refund if it was proven that the product has a production error.
11What payment methods does Al-Qaissi accept?
Al-Qaissi Roastery accepts payments by cash and credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.
12My delivery order is incorrect/incomplete, what should I do?
To report any delivery issue, please call our customer service: +962 7 9670 3005
For more questions and inquiries, please call our customer service at this number: +962 7 9670 3005
To stay updated with everything new about Al-Qaissi Roastery, you can follow Al-Qaissi Roastery’s social media accounts or download Al-Qaissi Roastery application.

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