Food Safety Policy

Hisham Al-Qaisi & Sons Company believes that its success depends on providing high quality products that meet or exceed the expectations of customers and consumers. The basis of this belief is the company’s responsibility to ensure the quality and safety of all products manufactured by the company.

Hisham Al-Qaisi & Sons Company is committed to continuously improving the brand reputation of its products and maintaining consumer confidence in its products through the application of quality management systems, food safety and sound manufacturing practices.

All work locations in the company are committed to continuous improvement, which can be measured, evaluated and proven effective, both internally and externally. The company believes that the fulfillment of its obligations is the responsibility of every employee to carry out their work in accordance with the requirements of those dealing with them internally and externally, and the safety and health of food is the responsibility of all employees who directly affect the ingredients, packages, or manufacture of products, or the storage or transportation and distribution of finished products.

The following principles constitute the basis for Hisham Al-Qaisi & Sons Company’s commitments towards product quality and safety :

–  Manufacture of products and provide them to consumers within the highest standards of quality and food safety.

– Compliance with all applicable legislations and laws regarding quality, safety and health of food .

  – Continuity to achieve the effectiveness and efficiency of product quality and safety through the effective application of quality and food safety management systems in line with the requirements of ISO22000: 2018 and all the company’s internal requirements and in all its activities and operations.

–  Demonstrate the effectiveness of the food safety management system through internal and external audits on the ISO standards and the company’s product specifications .

-Building the foundations of quality and food safety through the development of programs to develop individual technical skills and increase awareness among staff and carry out risk management and raise the level of excellence .

– – Reconsidering, whenever required, policies, specifications and procedures, in order to build effective management of risks that affect the quality and safety of products, according to the changes that may occur to products, production processes or technologies used.

– Analyzing opportunities and risks to ensure the provision of products and services within the requirements of customers and to ensure continuous improvement of performance and food safety .

The annual plan contains strategies and objectives for quality and food safety, and it is a vital part of the production operations and this is shown through :

-Establish annual quality and food safety targets for all operations, in order to ensure continuous improvement and adherence to all approved specifications.

– Ensure that contractors and suppliers are committed to quality and food safety and that they verify the materials supplied or services provided through auditing and checking them.

– Disseminating aspects and requirements of quality, food safety and health to suppliers, contractors, customers and consumers by setting specifications for ingredients, packaging materials, methods of storing products and nutritional information for consumers. – Mainstreaming aspects and requirements of quality, food safety and health, strategies and goals to employees, consumers, customers, and to all those who have an influence on them or are affected by quality and food safety systems.