Our Investments

Al Qaissi Roastery

The first branch of Al-Qaissi Roastery was opened in Al Wehdat in 1980, which later became the main branch after the opening of 3 more branches in Jabal Al-Hussein, Al-Muqabilain, and Khalda. Al-Qaissi Roastery is a well-known brand in Jordan famous for its premium nuts, coffee, dates, and chocolates.

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Ma3moleh is a ma’moul shop established in 2021; it specializes in preparing the most delicious ma’moul, which is a kind of traditional Arabian sweets, entirely from scratch. It’s the place to order from to guarantee buying the best kinds of ma’moul.

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Dokan Jeddo

Dokan Jeddo is a retail shop established in Jabal Al-Hussein in 1981. It is specialized in selling the best kinds of spices, seeds, raw nuts, oils, and herbs. Whether you need natural ingredients, treatments, or recipes head straight to Dokan Jeddo.

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Al Qaissi Factory

Al-Qaissi Factory was established in 2016 due to the efforts of Haitham Hisham Al-Qaissi. The factory produces a variety of high-quality products such as coffee, nuts, thyme, and spices. It also was able to receive many national and international certifications.

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