Explore various options of premium coffee and international coffee beans, made specifically to satisfy all coffee lovers. Different kinds of cardamom are also in this category

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Nuts & Seeds

Order what you love from this wide variety of fresh and finely roasted nuts, In Al Qaissi Roastery we provide fresh nuts and special mixes, tasty Asian nuts and all delicious options of seeds and peanuts.
In addition to Raw nuts, starting from almonds, to walnuts, hazelnuts, cashew and raw seeds.

chines nuts Mixed nuts Seeds & peanuts Raw nuts

Chocolate & gift

Get what your house needs of smooth chocolate or western and eastern candies. Perfect to give out to guests during visits and occasions. This category also contains handmade maamoul.
Al Qaissi Roastery also sells the best gift plates, in luxurious plates and th and top-notch, high quality chocolate.

chocolate gifts

Thyme & more

Choose what you like from these different types of thyme, and find Al-Qaissi Roastery’s special handmade thyme “Al-Qaissi Thyme”. In Qaissi Roastery you will also find the finest natural dried herbs and leaves used to make herbal tea or during cooking

Thyme Herbs & leaves


See here a wide collection of spices and condiments necessary in each kitchen. This category also contains special spice mixes for dishes like Mansaf and Kabsa.


Dates & Dried fruits

Al Qaissi Roatery offers a the best dried fruit to include in your diet, to gain all the benefits of them, dried fruits are considered the best snack for a healthy lifestyle, in additional to high quality dates like madjoul dates.

Dates Dried fruits


While cooking, mostly in the Arabic or oriental cuisine, your kitchen should always have the best of legumes, full of protein and deliciously made for you.


Misc &Ramadan sets

Enjoy bringing home the most delectable type of honey when you pick any of these premium types of homey, and miscellaneous products like original jameed and vingar as well as others

Honey Misc