What is Ma3moleh?

Ma3moleh is a ma’moul shop established in 2021 under the management of Hisham Al-Qaissi and Sons Company. Our specialty lies in preparing the most delicious ma’moul entirely from scratch! Ma’moulah is based in the Jordanian capital Amman, but our services also reach customers in all the other governorates in Jordan.

Why choose Ma3moleh?

Simply because integrity and hard work is our motto! Ma3moleh is a dedicated team of skilled workers in their respective fields from ma’moul production to management and administration. We believe that our customers’ trust is invaluable, so we are always committed to transparency and sincerity with all customers.

You can trust our modern and pristine tools, experienced staff, and premium-quality materials to create only the best ma’moul in Jordan! Not only that, anybody can buy our ma’moul at a very reasonable price!

Why Ma’moul?

Ma’moul has deep roots in our Arab history and traditions. It is a staple sweet during major occasions like Eid. Women, to this day, use ma’moul making as a chance to gather, converse, and have fun. Ma’moul is a reminder of big social gatherings, sweet childhood memories, and Eid festivities. That is why we carefully make every piece of ma’moul with love and passion. We want to make sure that our ma’moul continues to bring delicacy to our customers and their guests, young and old!

We aspire to be the best in ma’moul making not only in Jordan, but also across the region. We hope for Ma3moleh to become a brand known for trust-worthy and skillfully made products, and for it to be the number one suggestion to those looking for premium quality ma’moul.